Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I have been in Sardinia since last Friday and I must say each time I come here I fall more in love with doing a whole lotta of nothing. Well that is a lie, I sit on the beach and swim in the sea all day, eat fresh fish and drink amazing white wines. So I guess that is something.

We are staying at the hotel Simius Playa which is the south east part of the island in a tiny village called Villasimius. The hotel is on the beach which makes things very nice and easy for your days of doing nothing. We basically crawl out of bed and on to the beach each morning.

Heres a few of my daily views.

The Italians have no shame when it comes to swimwear

I have another 5 days to go on this holiday. So I will see you all next week!!!


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Denim Demon said...

i would like to see a pic of you in that kind of Speedo's as the Italian dude Eric! Can you help me out?