Tuesday, 1 July 2008


It has been a bit since our last blog update. I have been back from London for a week and a half now. The trip was very productive and Sane has now become Three. Pierre Darnton has join Steve and I to complete the axis of insanity.

Since I have been back it has been a very busy. However I did find time to get out of the office for a bit. Last week I visited our Berlin Showroom space. It will be at the West Berlin / Lodown Gallery at Brunnenstrasse 56. Currently they have an exhibition up from Steven Harrington / Six Pack and Element. HoweverI will take it over from July 17th - 27th to show our stable of brands. We will also be hosting a Keep Calm exhibition on the evening of July 17th, more on that tomorrow! Here are some picts of the Steve Harrington show and the space.

When I got home from the office Friday evening there was a big surprise waiting for me. My girlfriends Niece had got us onto the guest list to see Beck. I must say the show was amazing, he played all the hits along with a bunch of new stuff. He is an amazing guitar player!! I could not help but think of Kurt Cobain when I was watching him on stage. thanks again Sylvia for the hook up!!!!! It was truely an amazing show.

Saturday we woke up and drove down to the countryside to spend the weekend in my Girlfriends family garden. For a guy who grew up in the concrete jungle of LA, spending time in a true country garden picking fresh fruit and vegetables is quite an amazing experience. It was very relaxing even though I did have to do some garden work. Here are some picts from the weekend.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

A bit of lawn mowing!!

This tree had to come out!!

Garden Fresh!

German BBQ!!


Literally the Fruits of our Labor!!!!

the way home....

Monday was my Birthday so I took the day off. Now I am back in the office, one year older and extremely excited about this next year......

Bye for now,
Eric Sane