Wednesday, 18 June 2008


So yesterday we were hanging out all day at the GOODHOOD shop in London for the press day that Steve organized. The day started with escorting 15 cases of premium belgian beer from our friends at Duvel-Moortgat from cellar to store to get it chilled and ready for the thirsty members of the press ... is it me or are the press always hungry and thirsty ... who knows ?? i digress ... as we familiarised ourselves with the colours,styles and the plethora of brands from Bernard Wilhelm to Woodwood to Hyde SK the folks of the press started to arrive, from bi-annuals to weeklies to monthlies to the onliners they swarmed in swathes around the stock peppering us with questions ... admittedly instant PR mode isn't the easiest personality switch to make however i think we managed just fine and once there we kinda enjoyed our new personalities ... well maybe steve did !

Here are a few snapshots from the day.

Jo one half of Goodhood!!! Looking Good..

Kyle the other half of Goodhood.

Steve and Vedett

look for the birdy in the window!!!

A very bald me along with Jo Goodhood and Aldene from Vice.

The girls of

i-D Mag girls in action.

Brothers from different mothers.

It was great fun to just hang out and chew the fat or fats if speaking to Mr Fatsarrazi who dropped in to snap the hip and young ... im sure there will be photos to accompany.

Have a great day!!! Eric

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