Monday, 9 June 2008


Well I have now been back in Berlin since Saturday and I must say that I wish I was still laying on the beach in Sardinia. I do not now about you but I find it hard to get back in the swing of things after a week of holiday.

The rest of my week was just like the first bit. We tool long walks on the beach, swam in the warm water and ate fresh seafood. It was our little heaven and our last alone holiday due to the fact that next year when we go the two will be three.

On Friday we had to drive from the south of the island all the way to the north in order to get to the airport that flys to Berlin. I love this as it gives us the opportunity to drive the entire East Coast of Sardinia and enjoy what the island has to offer. Sardinia is pretty much a self sufficient island. They grow and raise all their own food, from Oranges, Apples, Cherries to Cows, Goats, and Sheep. You name it you can find it here. It is amazing everything you eat and drink comes from the island itself. They have their own Beer, their own Cheese, their own salami and of course all the fresh seafood your heart desires.

Here are some photos from the rest of our trip and the drive home.

this was the beach we sat at most days and was just a 5 minute walk down the beach from our hotel!!!

Beach houses!!!!

There was quite a bit of this going around on the beach!!!

Sardinia Beer!!!

Sardinian Chips made of wheat!!! Taste kind of like Tortilla Chips

We ate like this pretty much everyday!!!

holiday reading. If you have ever skateboarded you may like this!!

Our rental. When in Itlay drive Italian!!! The following photos are from our drive up the east coast and into Olbia. We call this the Sardinian Safari, you will see why below. Also keep in mind that these were all taken from inside the car on the roadside!!!

Football on the cliffside anyone?

This is a half tunnel through this hillside. pretty amazing to drive through.

Here is the inside view!!

One thing I forgot about was the fact that Sardinia had run out of Petrol due to it being a holiday there last Monday. Being that there are only two Gas Stations within the 20K of Villasimius!!! When we rolled up to the station we were told that we would have to wait till tomorrow for the gas, then after further inspection we would have to wait till 5pm. Luckily the Attendant was completely wrong and we had to wait an hour!!!

Now back to my real work and reality!!!!


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