Thursday, 15 May 2008


So yesterday evening while we were patiently waiting to go see Ian Brown play at the Columbia Club, I here a few big bangs and pops. Went to look what it was and saw a huge smoke cloud outside our house. The Voyeur in me said lets go see what it was. not satisfied with that view I decided to join the other 100 people on the bridge to see what was really going on. By my further inspection I found out that this was in fact a recycling plant and those big things burning were huge bundles of paper!!! Needless to say that within minutes all of them caught fire and it started raining ash and paper.

So while Berlin was burning or Kreuzberg at that. We headed off to see Ian Brown. I had never been to the Columbia Club, however I heard that it was a small venue. By small I mean that it fits 500 or 600 people. When we got there we were amongst about 300 people. To see Ian Brown in such a small venue with only 300 others is a very special experience to say the least, it actually made felt like a party and Mr. Brown was there to play for us. Needless to say it was amazing, he played new stuff, old stuff and even Stone Roses stuff!!! For all you who could not make it here are few picts. I would like to apologize for the images as I did not have my camera and I could not figure out how to work the one I was using. I wish you all a good day.

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