Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I was doing a search online trying to find a good Caesar Salad dressing recipe and I came across the history of the Caesar Salad. It was in fact invented by a Italian man named Caesar, however it was invented in Tijuana Mexico!!!!! Fucking Mexico none the less Tijuana was what i expected. I grew up in Los Angeles and my memories of Tijuana include going there as a teenager to skate a great skatepark and also get drunk on cheap beer and tequila. My first memory is that when you are crossing the boarder from San Diego to Mexico into TJ the smell is one of the worst in the world. TJ is also home to loads of whore houses and US Marines on leave looking to get into fights!!!! Not a pretty sight.

Never in my wildest dreams would have thought that this salad could be invented in TJ!!!

"This popular dish was originally created in 1924 by Italian chef Caesar Cardini at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico and was prepared and served right at the table."

Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_salad for more information on the Caesar!!!

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