Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Berlin Weekend

Today is another beautiful sunny day in Berlin. I must say that I am very happy that Summer is almost here and the weather is a bit sunnier these days.

My very close friend Mike is in town from Orange County visiting me. I have known him longer then any single friend, which pretty much makes him family. He has been here since April 30th and will stay the whole month of May. He is on a journey riding his bike around Germany. As I write this he is in route to Hamburg.

So May 1st in Germany is quite a big day with protests and rioting galore, however Berlin was pretty calm in most respects. I live in Kruezberg which use to be consider a war zone on May 1st, however they have decided to make it a family afair and street party to keep the rioters at bay. Check out the photos from last week below.

The rest of the weekend was filled with Bike riding and a lot beer drinking in the sun!!!!!!

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